Feku.in website to high light the Modi’s negative role

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Mangalore, August 23: Due to several scam U.P.A government has created scary nature in youth. Hence, by taking this profit Modi is seeing dream of Prime Minister. On this regard, by saying about his state, he is trying to cheat the people. So, to disclose the fact ‘Faku.In’ website has been released at nearly 20 states such as Ahmedabad, Chennai, Dehli, Goa, Jaipura, Mumbai, Patna, and Bangalore etc., said Karnataka Komu souharda Vedike in the press release.

The website has been created in the leadership of social activist Shabanam Hashmi and creators are residing at different state of the nation. It will high light the aristocracy and continuous false assurances.

Film director Mahesh Bhat and many more are supporting the website.

By: Sathish Kapikad

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