Udupi: Suggestions to rescue from areca nut rotten disease

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Udupi; August 22: In this year due to excessive rains in the month of July as against the corresponding period in the last year, areca nut crop will have an impact. Cloudy weather, sluggish water in the garden, excess moisture on the soil, erosion of nourishment and lack of sunlight and among other problems are the main reasons for this rotten disease. This disease is already more intense in mountain and hilly area, coastal region and other places. Due to this rotten disease falling of pre-matured green areca nuts and instances of defects even in matured (riped) areca nuts have been observed. It is expected that there will be more destruction of riped (matured) areca nuts in the coming days.

During winter starting from October to February, there will be more chances of destruction of areca nut crops due to mushrooming and other winter related diseases. During this period mist (fog) on the tree will help to breed the germs, resulting more destruction of the crops. As a result of this bottom part of the leaves become yellowish and get decayed. Once it is affected, we have to ensure that other leaves are not getting affected.

Some of the preventive steps have been suggested by scientists of areca nut research centre such as disease affected areca nuts,dried flowers and leaves must be either burnt or to burry in the pond and cover the place with soil.

We have to ensure that there is no stagnant water in the garden and proper arrangement for the free flow of water to be done and keep the garden free from all the unwanted things. Enough space should be provided by cutting or trimming the trunks of the trees in between and by collecting garbage, paddy husk we have to burn it for smoke, which should be allowed to spread in the garden in 3-4 places in one acre of land. By doing periodic spray with bordo liquid,metacaxil MZ or copper oxichloride on affected trees an bunches, rotten disease can be prevented.

By taking extra care especially during certain periods of the year, one can save the areca nut cultivation from rotten diseases. Act before it is too late.

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