Udupi: Wheat and kerosene for BPL card holders; ’ No’ to APL card holders this month also -says DC

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Udupi;August 22 : M T Reju,DC  stated in the release from his office that August 2013,being the festive month, all BPL card holders in the Udupi district will get rice,wheat,sugar and kerosene and advised the BPL card holders to collect the same from their respective ration shops.

For the Anthyodhaya card holders rice 29 kg @ Re 1/per kg, wheat 6 kg @ Re 2/per kg, for Akhshaya card holders rice 10 kgs per one person, 20 kgs for two persons and more than two persons 30 kg rice @ Re 1 per kg, sugar Re 13.50 per kg, for AAY and Akshaya card holders and kerosene for non- gas card holders will be available.

Also 3 liters of kerosene for APL card holders in Anaupacharika region and 5 liters of kerosene @ Re 16.20 per liter for all AAY and non- gas card holders in urban and rural card holders will be available.

This month too for APL card holders’ rice and wheat and for Akshaya card holders’ wheat will not be distributed, release said.

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