Railway problems: Demands are presented in the meet

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Mangalore, August 22: Regarding to solve the problems, which coastal Karnataka passengers are facing, Canara commerce and industrial institution and Udupi district Railway tourist organisation held a meeting for urging to fulfil the demands of passengers.

On the occasion the discussion were held on the 8 demands such as proposing for Nandikkoru, Karkala, Charmadi, Moodigere railway track survey, to identify the Ullala track to Madagaw track as ‘Mangalore Railway Division’, running Vasco-da- gama Mangalore passengers train in the morning, giving stop to Mangalore- Madagaw intercity train in the Ankola, Honnavara, Kumata, Bhatkala, Baindooru, Kundapura, Udupi and in Suratkal, providing stop to CSTM Mangalore super fast in the Daadar, permission to run in Haasana route in the Bangalore – Mangalore   for week wise, expanding the demo train from Karavara to Mangalore, run the train daily which is moving between Yashavanthapura- Karvara.

West coast division: To give the name to Mangalore division as West coast division and identify the Palghat, Thiruvanthapura and west coast as Mangalore cluster, KCCI former president G. G Mohandas Prabhu presented the demand. There is much profit in the Palghat division and it is better to present the demand in the tenure of railway minister Mallikarjuna Kharge, he opined.

Meanwhile, Bus lobby and goods shed transfer issue also discussed.

By: Sathish Kapikad

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