People want to know the progresive work of the Party: J. R. Lobo

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Mangalore, August 21: Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has finished 100 days after coming to power. People want to know the details of the progressive work, hence, to tell the achievement to the people party members organised press meet at MLAs office.


Addressing the gathering MLA J R Lobo said that there are so many problems in the Mangalore and water facility has provided to Mangalore area. But there is no enough money for pipe line and also to give the new connection. There are one lakh collections in the city and due to lack of progress wasting of water is increasing. There is need of 9 thousand for new pipe connection to every house and under the 2nd project Rs.170 crore will be released for drinking water. Hence, within two year drinking water problem will be solved and water will be distributed in 24 hours of the day and it will help to regulate the 7 percent of water wasting, he said.


Cloaca system:  The cloaca system has formed in the city and due to lack of money it is not constructed in several area as well as old system also not possible to close. Hence, though Rs 200 had spent for the cloaca system, but it’s becoming difficult re open the old system and every waste goes to sewage. The approval has granted for Rs. 150 crore and in the coming day’s new cloaca system will be constructed and old system will be repaired.

Market project: The development projects have implemented to improve the Central market, Mallikatte Market, Urva store market and old bus stand. The finance matters are already discussed and plan also implemented for modernise the market, he said.

Licence is available in the corporation: Every licence will be available in the corporation and people no need to move to Mooda, he said.

Former Mayor Shashidar Hegde, Corporate Appi, Baskar Moili, Naveen D’ Souza, Asha D’Silva, Akila Alva and others were present.

By: Sathish Kapikad

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