India must put the pressure on UNO to promote democracy in Egypt: PFI urges

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Ullal, August 21: Opposing the oppression of soldiers’ administration in Egypt Popular Front of India, Ullal division staged a protest in the Thokkotu Junction.

Addressing the protestors SDPI district secretary Ashraf Manchi said that to regulate the carnage on Mursi supporters in Egypt and re establish the democracy India must put the pressure on united nation, he urged.

IFF Bahrain unit president Thanjeel Ullal, Navaz Ullal, PFI Ullala division president Abbas Kinya, Secretary Abdul Razak Ullal, Haneef katipalla, Shaheed Deralakatte, Hasainar Malar and Ravoof Ullal were present.

By: Sathish Kapikad

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