Shivapura milk producer’s sangha’s election; politics enters; BJP supported candidates nominations rejected.

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Karkala; August 20: A incident of nomination rejection of candidates who are contesting in the Shivapura milk producing sangha’s new committee election, which was held almost in all the milk producing sanghas.The last date for the submission of the nominations was set on June 18.

Thirty contestants have submitted their nominations for eleven seats in Shivapur milk producing sangha.It was supposed to be held as per the election code of conduct but due to the entry of politics,13 BJP candidates nominations have been rejected.

It has been alleged that 17 congress candidates have been submitted their nominations, out of which 6 candidates have withdrawn their nominations and remaining 11 nominations have been accepted and approved by the election officer but the nominations of all the BJP supported candidates have been rejected by the election officer deliberately in the pretext of not attaching deposit receipt. Besides even if the receipt were attached, election officer was acting against BJP candidates and supported the congress candidates, resulting the rejection of BJP candidates nominations, it is alleged

When election officer Rohit was contacted in this regard, he said that all the election code conducts have been displayed in the notice board. But since there was no deposit receipt and informer’s name in the nominations along with some other lapses, more than twenty nominations have been rejected on Monday, the last of day of submission of nominations, election officer clarified.

Still if, anybody got any doubts in this regard, they can approach the court of law,he said.

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