ESI hospitals must be handover to union government: Sudattha Jain

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Mangalore, august 19: Urging to fulfil the demand, to hand over the Kadri ESI hospital to union government and provide the ESI facility to every hospital of the district Akhila Bharatha Karmika Sangha state general secretary Sudattha Jain started a movement by the bare foot and staged indefinite hunger strike in front of Kadri shivabhag ESI hospital.


Addressing the gathering he said that Kadri ESI hospital facing several problems and in the place of 27 doctors, only 5 are working.’ Hundreds of patients visit the hospital, but only 3 doctors’ consults them and they are working in the shift manner. Though there are ambulances, but no drivers. Hence, union government must take the responsibility of the hospital and develop it’, he said.


Many people are working in the insecure places and workers must get ESIC protection and employment protection. There are 10 doctors are appointed to the hospital, but no one is under duty, he alleged.

‘ESI hospitals are running in 87.50 under the union and 12.50 percent under the state government, hence it must take care by the union government, otherwise indefinite strike will be staged until the concerned officials response’, he said.

By: Sathish kapikad

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