Illegal cattle transporation: Sampya police have arrested three fellows

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Putture, August 18:  Sampya police have arrested the illegal cattle trafficking and seized lcence less vehicle, which was moving from Bellare to Kerala at Kavu of Madnuru.

In this case police have arrested three fellows and they are identified as Abdulla P.H (21), son of Hasainar, Pudiyakandam, Aboobakkar siddiq(21), son of Yusuf and Kunila Kandam resident Hasainar’s son Ahmed Munner and seized totally 9 cattles.

While transportiing the cattles in the Swaraj Mazda Lorry, Sampya station officer Jagadeesh Reddy and constables investiagted near Kavu junction and arrested the culprits and seized the cattle.

By: Sathish Kapikad  


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