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Mangalore, March 25: India’s Chief Election commission has formed its own watchdog department to keep a vigil through fleeing squad on the affairs of expenses incurred by all political parties directly or indirectly as reported by Mr.P.K.Das-president, Election expenses watchdog department.

What are the rules/norms to be followed and what are the steps have already been taken in this regard has already been informed to all state level District commissioners through Video Conference on last Sunday.

P.K.Das has said we are answerable in the election for the questions raised by the general public that even after obtaining the entire related informations, department is doing nothing in this regard. Therefore it has been instructed all the concerned Income departmens, District commissioner’s office and police departments in the state to take decisive steps to implement the rules very effectively and result oriented. All the concerned officers/departments heads have been advised to be more pro-active and if required appropriate arrangements has to be made well in advance in this regard and see that elections are held in clean note.

He emphasized with all these innovative procedures and ideas we should be capable of arresting the culprits, who are engaged in malpractices and wrong doings. If any wrong doings/irregularities were observed, culprits will be dealt with seriously he said in the video conference.

It has been informed to District commissioners that in order to collect information and expenses exceeding above Rs.50,000/-Candidate has to submit affidavit in duplicate along with details of the assets and criminal records if any. Arrangements have to be made to upload this information in the website within 24 hours and to collect the mobile number for any future doubts/clarifications.

It has been directed to hold immediate meeting with bank officials and exercise department officials in view of collecting information with regard to expenses exceeding Rs.50,000/=.Exercise department has been advised to set of their own watchdog department in order to stop illegal movement of liquor/alcohol during election period. Our department must work in co-operation with all the concerned departments’ officials equally in tandem for the smooth functioning of election activites in the state he said. It has also been advised to maintain law and order strictly.

It has been advised to keep a minute watch on movements of the vehicles, Mangalore international Airport, Railway station and all kind of activities in and around the city. Police commissioner Manish Karbikar has suggested having five special check posts in Kerala border. We have to build up a close rapport with coastal guards and keep an eye on the movements of all the criminals in the city. All the departments have been directed to see that no illegal activities take place. If any complaint received by any departments, officials about any illegal activities and non adherence to the order will be seriously dealt with as announced.

District Commissioner N.Prakash has briefed all the steps taken in the city and police commissioner informed about the steps taken about law and order.Dr.K.N.Vijayaprakash-CEO, District Panchayat and Dr.Harish-Mayor, Mangalore Corporation, Mangalore were present in the meet.

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