Like mother, like daughter….!!! Allegation against Anganwadi staff; locals & parents Gherao Anganawadi

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Kundapur; August 14: Annoyed locals and parents invaded Dhoddoni Anganawadi, which falls under the jurisdiction of Beejadi village panchayat in Kundapur taluk on the basis of complaint received against an employee and her daughter for their wickedness attitude on anganawadi children and co-worker.

Description of the incident: Sources said that Shashikala and her daughter Sulatha(Banashankari) joined as employees in Dhoddoni Anganawadi centre 15 years back and people in the village alleged about their miss-conduct and daughter, besides coming to centre illegally using filthy and abusive words against children and also in front of children abusing co-worker with bad words.They also alleged that both mother and daughter  were not  coming to the centre properly for the past several years and this will have an adverse effect on the academic career of the children.



As the torture, harassment and ill-treatment is increasing as the days passes, the irked villagers and parents gathered in front of the Anganawadi. Bhagirathi Hebbar, Child welfare project administrator and Sujaya, supervisor, who did come to know about the incident arrived to the spot and taken both mother and daughter for task. Also angered villagers brought to the knowledge of representatives and department authorities about the problems they are facing.



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Thereafter representatives and concerned authorities reviewed the people’s complaints. Villagers urged the authorities to transfer Shashikala from here to some other place.Respondinng to the villagers demands, authorities concerned informed that decision will be taken only after discussing with the higher authorities.


Besides there is also an allegation that Shashikala is not adhering to the norms of the Anganawadi and not keeping the record properly.

Responding to the incident Shashikala, an employee of the Anganawadi said that I have not done anything wrong, I have not abused or ill -treated any one and since my grand -daughter (daughter’s daughter) is coming to Anganawadi, my daughter is coming daily and since I am having some health related problems, sometimes,  I am coming late and other than that because of me neither for children nor for their parents or even to co-worker there was no problems at all. These are all pre-planned just to tarnish my name and to avenge old enmity.


Ganapathi T Shriyan, President, education and health Sthayi samithi said in his speech that Anganawadi is a holy place, arrangement should not be damaged, it will have an adverse impact on children. If the issue is really genuine, then the matter will be brought to the knowledge of district level authorities and request will be made for replacement.

 Raghavendra,a local resident said that because of these people’s problems ,children will be effected directly and therefor you either terminate or transfer her to some other place otherwise we will start our struggle in coming days.

Sulatha,Shashikala’s daughter said in her talk that neither I nor my mother done nothing wrong and we have not abused, ill-treated people or used filthy languages against anyone and people are taking revenge on us because of old enmity and we are ready to face any disciplinary action constituted by the department.

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