Gold polishing thief caught at Moodabidri

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Mangalore, Aug 14: A Bihar resident Anand was cheating people by making polish to their gold ornament and stealthily pocketing them and now he is arrested at Moodabidri Belvai and become a guest in the police custody.

Anand and his accompany Mahesh (around 25 years old) were moving house to house and steal gold ornaments on the pretext of polishing them. One Tuesday, they went to Marpadi route to a house and cleaned a golden toe rings and made that shining. Meanwhile, accused are asked to do the same with more ornaments, hence by Impressing with their work, the residents gave them a golden chain weighing two sovereigns. The accused dipped the gold chain in water, wrapped it in paper and gave it back to the women, asking them to open it after half an hour.

When residents grew suspicious and opened the wrapper, they found a broken fake chain in place of their gold and when they questioned, Anand and Mahesh ran away in different directions. Fortunately locals are succeeded to chase one of them and handed him over to the police. Mahesh managed to escape and the stolen gold chain was recovered from Anand and handed over to the women.

By: Sathish Kapikad

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