Farmers expect bumper crop this year

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Chickmaglur, August 14: The district including the plains have received heavy rainfall and agriculture activities are at its peak. This year 80 per cent sowing has already taken place.

From the beginning of rainy season till date, a rainfall of 142 per cent has been recorded. In all taluks rainfall has crossed 100 per cent of the average rainfall. Till date, sowing has taken place in 1,26,788 hectares.

Department of Agriculture Joint Director has informed Deccan Herald that paddy transplantation and sowing of Ragi is taking place. Till now, approximately 63 per cent of paddy transplantation has been completed. The transplantation work will be completed by the end of August.

 Ragi has been sowed in 33,000 hectares and 69 per cent sowing has been completed. As the sowing will continue even in September, there are hopes that sowing will cross 100 per cent.

 This year the district has created a record in sowing of corn. The target has been crossed and 127 per cent sowing has been recorded.

Mudigere taluk has received very heavy rainfall and water has stagnated near the transplanted paddy, resulting in its rotting.

In Kadur, Tarikere and Chikmagalur taluk plain regions, there are hopes that the agriculture produce will be increased. If the rains continue to lash in the same way, good produce can be obtained in the plain areas. However, due to heavy rains in Malenadu region, there are all probabilities that the crop loss will be huge, he informed.
Record rain

This year Chikmagalur has received a record rainfall. Usually the district which receives 511 mm rainfall, has received 770 mm (150 per cent increase). In Mudigere the usual rainfall is 1602 mm and this time it is 2287 mm (143 per cent increase).

In Koppa, there has been an increase of 141 per cent rain as the usual rain is 2153 mm and this time it is 3042 mm. In Sringeri, 144 per cent increase is recorded with 3683 mm as compared to the usual 2753 mm. In NR Pura taluk, 1157 is the usual rainfall and 1659 has been recorded this year (143 per cent increase). In Tarikere taluk, the usual 530 mm rainfall is surpassed with 930 mm this year (175 per cent increase). In Kadur, the usual 275 mm is replaced by the 366 mm (133 mm increase).


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