Kundapur: Welfare association buries mortal remains of destitute and commended by the people for their meritorious service.

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Kundapur;August 13: When the Kundapur taluk’s town panchayat was contemplating to cremate the dead body of a unknown, orphan person,Kundapur Muslim welfare association did come to now that dead person belongs to Muslim religion and took the dead body under their custody and carried out the burial formalities according to Muslim custom.





Sources said on August 3rd, an unknown person had been admitted in hospital on account of his ill-health but on the following day of his admission he was declared dead and kept in mortuary for want of an inheritor.

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Since the deceased has registered his name as Fakhruddin in hospital record, local Muslim welfare association could identified him as Muslim and president Abbu Mohammed took the orphan dead body under their custody and buried in Kundapur Jaamiya Masjid’s grave yard according to Muslim custom and thereby welfare association had received a standing ovation and lauded by the local people for their meritorious service on humanitarian ground.

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