CISF Soldiers attacks villagers ; Four locals are in serious condition

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Mangalore, August 12: In an out skirt of the Mangalore, in the Kukkethur of Surathkal, CISF soldiers beaten the villagers by tying them into tree and damaged the four car here on Sunday night.

Sources say, there was clash between MRPL worker CISF soldiers and villagers from many days, but last night suddenly soldiers attacked the villagers and damaged the vehicle.

This fight caused to serious injuries to many people and four villagers are in serious condition and admitted in the Surathkal private hospital.

After the incident, when police tried to enter the soldiers’ hostel, more than 200 soldiers made them to keep the step backward. Though police have gathered, they have not registered any complaints and Mangalore north MLA has visited the spot.

The higher police officials, deputy commissioner or MRPL officers are have not visited the place yet, hence it caused for the angriness. A source says that now the condition is taut in the area and may be any kind of incident can occurs at any time.


According the sources, the soldiers have warned the police and villagers by speaking in Hindi language. ‘We are central police; you people cannot do anything to us. If you speak more we will fire on you’, they said. They also used the vulgar language and scolded to their family, said one of the locals.

By: Sathish Kapikad

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