A group of miscreants attacks a Yakshagana artist; 3 arrested

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Mangalore, August 12:  A group of miscreants have attacked a’Thalamaddale’ artist and organiser Ashok Bhat at Panambur on Sunday evening, according the sources.

Regarding the case Ashok has given the complaint in the Panambur police station and they have arrested the Shediguri resident Ravikiran, Bipin and Bantwal resident Krishna, and one of them is absconding. Police have received the Raghavendra for investigation.

During the ‘Manyangane- Mayamruga’ thalamaddale show, when Ashok was taking rest, a group took him out and assaulted. Fortunately, organisers caught the two miscreants and handovered to police.

 The group have alleged that Ashok was cause for stopping of Devimahatme, which was running Town hall, but police says none of them were related to that incident and they doubts like it was purposeful attack through others order.

Security: Ashoks says, ‘From several month attacks are increasing on me, hence i need protection to my life. In before some are attacked in maani and two week ago few people warned in the Townhall, and i need security’, he requested with police.

By: Sathish Kapikad

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