Need sincere try to meet the intent of constitution; Justice N Santhosh Hegde

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Mangalore, August 11: There is need of sincere try to meet the intent of constitution said retired justice N. Santhosh Hegde to self service association.

He was chief guest of district Lions conference, organised at TMA Pai auditorium, here on Saturday, he said that after the independence, whenever government failed to play its role, self service institutions gave its shoulder. Still people are facing the problem for lack of facility in the field of health and education and giving an example about north Karnataka’s pregnant women, he explained the seriousness of health problem.

The public representatives must have at least small amount of knowledge about people problem. There was discussion regarding the educational qualification to the leaders, but during the time of Dr. Baba saheb Ambedkar, there were many illiterates in the country, hence by understanding the situation he took back the question of educational eligibility. Regarding this, if we glance the recent examples in the country, we can see the noteworthy actions like, only illiterates tries to preserve the democracy of the nation, he said.

There is need of active people group, who having the humanity and service nature to strengthen the democracy system of the nation, hence i have faith in youth regarding drive the nation and they must follow this way, he said.

By: Sathish Kapikad

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