Govt. must take stringent action against cattle slaughterers: Monappa Bhandary urges

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Mangalore, August 7: After existence of congress government cow slaughtering and cattle traffickers are increased in the state. District administration and police department failed to control such problem and politicians are main cause for this, said assembly member Monappa Bhandary.


Addressing the media persons at BJP office, he said that regarding ban of cow slaughtering, Congress formed 64th bill caused a lethal to cattle resource and it became a boon to slaughterers and cattle traffickers, he said.

‘Though Health minister U. T Khader said police failness is cause for such activity and demanded resign to commissioner post, Monappa Bhandary alleged that minister himself is a wall to rescue the culprits. There is no use of gaining the promotion like this and also no use of such words, rather than his statement must drag to work. There are six politicians in our district, but still they are not succeeded to stop cattle slaughtering and it is shame to them, he opined.

‘District administration and police department must awake and they must take stringent action against such activity along with concerned, he said.

BJP district president Padhmanabah Kottary, vice president Pushpalatha U. K, parliament member Capt. Ganesh Karnik and BJP district spokes person Rajgopal Rai were present.

By: Sathish Kapikad

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