Karkala: SP suspends informer Sudhakar; when the fence, starts to graze the field???

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Karkala; August 06: Under normal condition if any untoward incidents happen, police are the one who control the situation before it is blown out of proportion but here in one case, a man from the police department  only encouraging to create disturbances in the area.

He is none other than a police constable Sudhakar from Ajekar police station in Karkala taluk was aiding the cattle thieves by informing them from his mobile to transport the cattles illegally. On the basis of several complaints received against him for his uncalled torture to the local people, he has been suspended from his duty by SP.

Of late, illegal transportation of cattles has been happening on daily basis and when Sudhakar’s mobile was being checked, it was confirmed that Sudhakar was the culprit, who was passing the messages to cattle thieves through his mobile besides being encouraging them to do so.Sources said that he was informing the thieves. who were to come to Karkala in their vehicle via Ajekar.

 When some of the police personnel are rendering their service sincerely, honestly for the construction of healthy and model society, some people like Sudhakar trying to damage the image of the department and with that  people are started doubting the credibility of the police department after Sudhakar’s incident.

Senior police officers, who refused to divulge the information to media:

When some of the media personnel questioned about the incident with Karkala circle inspector Valentine D’Souza and DYSP Devaraju,they tried to escape and arrogantly said that they don’t know about that and ask SP office, This type of attitude from the senior police  officers is suffice to prove that police department is directly involved in the trade.

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