Court gives kissing couple one-month sentences

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Man spotted 31-year-old woman kissing her 19-year-old colleague in car parked behind mosque.

Dubai: A 31-year-old banker and her 19-year-old colleague have been given a one-month sentence each after they were caught kissing in a tinted car behind a mosque in Al Muhaisna.

An Omani man was said to have spotted the Emirati woman’s car with its engine on and parked suspiciously between two trucks.

The man claimed that he saw a couple clutching intimately to each other but he doubted that they were having sex. He called the police.

Prosecutors charged the Emirati woman and her fellow countryman with kissing inside the car on January 21.

The pair denied exchanging kisses and pleaded not guilty at the Dubai Misdemeanour Court, which sentenced them to one month each.

The defendants were immediately taken into custody when they appeared in court.

Court records said the defendants left the bank where they both worked at 6pm and drove their separate cars towards Beirut Street.

The Omani witness spotted the car and suspected that the couple was indulged in an indecent act and he called the police.

A Dubai Police patrol was dispatched to the scene and both were taken to the police station for questioning.

The woman said: “We chatted for a while before we started kissing. Suddenly a sports utility vehicle parked behind my car immediately… five minutes later, the police came. I admit that we kissed inside my car but we did not have consensual sex anytime… I’ve known him for one year now because we are work colleagues.”

The teenager claimed during police questioning that he parked his car near the woman’s and went into her vehicle.

“We started discussing work and then we changed the subject and spoke about romance and love. We spoke about our love affair then we exchanged kisses. Suddenly someone knocked the window at her side… the person wore ordinary clothes. He did not identify himself or present his police ID, but simply asked me for an identification. I refused to give him my ID. Shortly after that police arrived and took us to the station for questioning. We have never had sex but I do admit that we kissed,” he said.

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