Udipi: Eligible BPL card holders can apply through on-line-says Dr M T Reju

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Udipi; August 05: Dr M T Reju, DC said in his address that department has been accepting applications for the new BPL ration cards starting from March 11, 2013 through on-line. He also clarified that the people, who are genuinely eligible for BPL card but due to some  technical reasons, they were being given APL cards, can now apply for BPL card through on-line.For the issuance of BPL cards, apart from income limit, fourteen points punishments have also been enacted.

Those candidates who come under the ambit of new law have been asked to submit their application on-line. Only after visiting the place of residence of the applicant and reviewing their background and status of the applicant, BPL card will be issued and in case of wrong information submitted, action will be taken against the violators, he added.

Therefore, the people who are really eligible for BPL but possess APL card due to some technical reason, they can now apply for BPL card through on-line, he clarified.

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