Unscientific method of garbage disposal in Hoovinakere belt; residents fear spread of epidemic diseases.

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Kundapur; August 05: It has been observing for the past several months that in the surrounding area and adjoining areas of Hoovinakere Shree Vadhiraja monastery (Mutt), near Koteshwara, birth place of Shree Vadhiraja Guru of Sodhe Shree Vadhiraja Samshtana, garbages are being dumped in unscientific manner as per the whims and fancy of people concerned.


In around 90 hectares areas of land starting from Vakvadi,Kuruvadi till Charikottige, residents are finding it very difficult to move around in the region due  to the  foul smell emanating from the presence of deadly poisonous reptiles, carcass of dead animals, wastages of dead chickens, plastics, hospital bio-medical disposals, saloon hairs, plastic glasses,plates,bottles,factory wastages are being disposed in disorganized manner. Besides residents are worried about the spread of deadly epidemic diseases in the region in near future.


Though the people of Vakvadi, Kedur, Hoovinakere, Aasodu along with other different Sanghas, Sanghatanas and organizations submitted a memorandum to take appropriate action against the people who dump the garbage irregularly and to erect protective fence in the region, no action, step has been taken in this regard so far by the concerned authorities. Therefore annoyed residents are on the verge of staging a protest, if no action is taken by the concerned authorities in a stipulated time period.


It is also reported that the people who are catching various categories of deadly poisonous reptiles from other places and bringing them in a plastic containers and leaving in this area. These reptiles without food and peacocks menace, finding it very difficult to move freely, entering the premises of houses in search of food in Kedur, Hoovinakatte and Vakvadi villages and surrounding areas and endangering the lives of dogs, cocks and cats and made these places as their permanent dwelling place.As there is no street lights in the area, people are scared of stepping out of their houses once the darkness engulfed the area.


It is feared that animals are coming in search of food to this place from other places and eating this poisonous garbage, resulting the likelihood of break out of the dangerous epidemic diseases in the region. Besides even farmers are facing problems in their agricultural activities due to the flow of contaminated water from the place of garbage disposal.

AlthoughNeramballi Raghavendra Rao,President,Vadiraj Mutt along with other local affected residents have submitted a memorandum to  village panchayat,taluk panchayat,DC,deputy commissioner, regional forest authorities demanding them to ban the dumping of this garbage in the pious, holy religious place,so far no action has been taken by any one of the authorities. It is observed that the amount of garbage dumping is increasing as the days are passing and there is no wonder if this place is converted into dumping yard one day in near future.

Devotees of Shree Vadiraja Guru are coming from different parts of India to hoovinakere, Gowrigadde the birth place of guru and to visit Shree Chennakeshava temple continuously. The devotees who are visiting this place with great devotion are being welcomed by this foul smell of garbage heaps. Due to this devotees are dejected to visit this holy place as reported by the local residents..

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