Boat capsized at old port river : 8 rescued

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Mangalore, August 5: The fishing boat’ Nimmi Kalyani’, belonging to Jayashree Mohan Mendon capsized at Mangalore old port river mouth at 1 pm here on Monday, August 5, according the sources.

The rescued fishereman are Purusottama (Bhatkal) 48yrs, Sethu (Tamil Nadu) 25yrs, Thimmappa (Bhatkal) 33yrs, Bhagesh (Bhatkal)19yrs, Ramdas (Koppamogeru) 30yrs, Mohan (Batkal) 26yrs and Mohan Shirali(Bhatkal) 22 yrs.


There were 8 fisher mans travelling in the boat, but boat was capsized at old port river due to the technical fault. Fortunately, 8 fisherman of that boat were rescued by the fishing vessel’ Sagar Kusum’. The fisher mans were shifted to hospital and no major injury was reported.

By: Sathish Kapikad.

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