Police seize 7 cattle, 800 kg meat and a car : two arrested

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Mangalore, August 5: Panambur police succeeded to arrest the two persons, who were busy with illegal cattle meat cutting business and seized 7 cattle as well as 800 k.gs of meat here on Sunday.


The arrested were identified as Abubakkar (40) and Muhammad Kalandar (23). Other three are fled from the spot and they are identified as Bava, Ibrahim and Anwar. From the several days police were investigating the matter and with proper information station officer raided the spot with his team. The slaughter house was in behind of the Aboobakkar’s house and omni car also belonged to him. Sources say that through his car he was selling the meat around the area.

Illegal buffalo transportation:

Uppinangadi police were arrested the four people, who were illegally and cruelly supplying the two buffalos here on Sunday.

The arrested are Mithhabagilu residents Sirajuddin, Sulthan, Samshuddin and Ariyadka Shekamale resident Jubair.

 By: Sathish Kapikad

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