Kundapura: Normalcy restored in ARDI after Cyclone

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Kundapura;August 02: Though  in places like Ardi,Albadi,Konjadi,Thonnane,Kanchuguddi  etc. which are coming under the jurisdiction of Belve Village panchayat of Kundapur taluk,have been devasted completely due to the intensity of whirlwinds, which occurred in the early morning hours at 3.20 am on August 01,conditions have been improved to certain extent slowly on August,02,Friday and life is limping back to normalcy, it is reported.

Repairing of houses: As a result of gusty winds more than 87 houses in around  3-4 villages have been completely destroyed and repairing works of many houses has been started and works was in much acceleration and in progress on Friday.


Sources said that Ganji and Vasathi Kendra which was opened in Albadi-Aardi high school to accommodate cyclone affected homeless people has been closed on August 02,Friday evening, as more than eight families who availed temporary shelter have been returning back to their respective houses.


Restoration of power supply: More than 75 electric poles in the vicinity of 5 KM in 3-4 villages, which have been reportedly fallen due to the impact of cyclone, resulting the area to plunge into darkness due to non-supply of power. But due to the prompt action taken by the people of electricity department, already electricity has been restored in three villages on emergency basis. Since there was some technical problems faced by the electricity department workers in Aardi village, power supply will be restored on Saturday, they said.

Public response: From the day of incident, which was on Thursday morning till Friday evening public  and industrialists, business people have extended their all possible co-operation whole heartedly in providing relief works, emergency arrangements, repair works and in supply of relief materials. Some business people have supplied loads of tiles and even extended financial aid.

Anand Dhamle, Kundapur revenue offier visited the affected places and is in constant contact with tahsildar Gayathri Nayak for the rejuvenation of the affected places.

Nagendra, local Village Panchayat official, Somappa, village accountant, Ravi, Javare Gowda and others have put up their camp in the affected place to review the progress of the works.

Gayathri Nayak, Kundapur tahsildar said in her statement that emergency remedial works in places those have been devasted like Aardi, Konjadi, Albadi and Kenjuguddi were taken place in great enthusiasm and speed. Since people have repaired their houses and returned back to their respective houses, Ganji Kendras, a temporary shelter opened for homeless people have been closed. Power supply has been restored in four villages except Aardi due to some technical snag, the same will be completed on Friday the August 02.Public have responded well and positively to the situation.

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