Ethina Hole project must be stopped ; Dinesh Holla

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Mangalore, August 2: Ethina Hole project follow the un scientific and senseless process, which effects the existence of Netravathi river,hence the project should be drop, said forest trucking group convener Dinesh Holla.

Addressing the media persons he said that, ten year ago Nethravathi turning project was in news, but today same projects starts in the name of Ethina Hole and plans to flow the water in plain land. If we glance the possibilities and impossibilities of project, it shows as UN scientific and it will effect to nature and not support to development, he said.

‘We need to protest to save the Nethravathi and by roam around the forest, valley and hill station we have identified the natural resource of the area. Hence, we try to stop the project and spread the awareness to school, college children with the help of association and Institution’, he said.

Forest trucking group president Sudheer Kumar, Vice president Rajesh Naik, Secretary Vinay Kumar, Praveen Kumar, sunil kumar were present.

By: Satish Kapikad

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