Udipi: Athlete Arunkala selected for Brazil’s world Seniors sports event; solicit donations from generous sponsors

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Udipi;July 31 : Arunakala S Rao,resident of Guddeyangadi , Bommarabettu village,Hiriyadka has been selected for international sports events in state level  34th master athletics championship by winning bronze in 5000 Mtr race and silver in 1500 Mtr race.



Earlier to this, she won prize in Malaysia’s 7 KM road race, bronze in 10,000 Mtr race in Thailand’s Asian Games, again bronze in 500 Mtr race, 3 gold prizes in 5000 Mtr race, 1500 Mtr race and long jump respectively in Sri Lanka. In national level 10,000 Mtr and 1500 Mtr race Gold,  in 5000 Mtr race and 4100 Mtr Relay Silver prize and she has represented India in 10,000 Mtr  and 1500 Mtr race.



Arunakala will be participating in world’s senior’s sports events which will be held between October 15 to October 27,in Brazil’s Port Alagraya with great expectation of winning gold medals. Total expected expenses of this Brazil’s tour will be around Rs 9 lac tour. Therefore she is already 60+, has sought financial help from government and generous donors  for this cause.

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