Young inventor Rizauddin

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Mangalore, Jul 29: A 17-year-old boy Rizauddin, a student of Infant Jesus Joyland School, Bolar,has invented a floating bicycle, called ‘water cycle’.

The young inventor is son of Abdul Rahim and Asma, and his parents are very proud of him and say that he was keen interested in the technical stuffs and also invented ‘Spiderman’ using the umbrella, a music system that is powered by a dynamo, and some other devices.


Real estate and construction supervisor Rahim says that he demanded for new bicycle and he has given special touch to his old cycle. He having separate room for invention, which filled with old battery, soldering machine, screw, wires etc. When he gets free he starts to invent something and makes us surprise. In his school everyone calls him as scientist and his invention selected to state level also’, he says.

The eco friendly bicycle is build with help of just two lorry tyre tubes, stainless steel and iron rods and nobody had thought that there would come a day when it could actually be ridden on water. Young inventor says his friends Hilmee from class 7, Sharan from class 8, and Rahil from class 9, helped to prepare model.

Every inventor had some influential, which made them to explore. Same like others, Rizzauddin influenced from his father’s childhood story, which helped him to invent pollution free bicycle. The floating bicycle moves with the help of Pelton wheel. One side of the bicycle’s front wheel is covered with stainless steel and the other side is open, which will enable the rider to move in left or right direction and this bicycle can carry three persons at a time, which is more what a regular bicycle on land can do.

By: Satish Kapikad

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