The Self –Centered Generation

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Generation after generation the quality, behavior and attitude of a person changes. They forget their human virtues, vlues how to behave with the elders, their own age group etc.They don’t care for others. They think themselves as superiors but in reality they are the inferiors.Yes it is true that they are more advanced than their parents in terms of education, knowledge, but they become day by day irrational. They forget their own parents. Whenever their parents give good advices they refuse it and say that:- Leave me alone, I know what to do? And what not to do?.They actually do not have respect for their parents. They never understand their parents.


It is also true that in some family, if a child does not want to do anything, the parents force them to do that. It happens in many family, if a child secure bad marks, he/she get shouting, beating some kind of torture. But we the children are matured now, we can decide what is good and what is bad for us. But still we must keep our parents happy. If they do not understand us, we will try to convince them. We must not be in depression and not to commit any type of sui-cite.


As we are the human-beings to whom god had created by giving rational qualities to make the society free from all kind of difficulties. But in today’s world everything happens for money. No one cares for poor and needy people. Everyone had become selfish in this world.
Therefore I would like to say that we must care for everyone, we should respect them, talk with them politely and take good decision whenever such kind of situation comes.

We must remember that to be too much good or to be too much bad also not a good thing. We must be equal to everyone. There is a time to rove and time to rest. Remembering this, we must lead a happy life.

Shekar Moily

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