Residents beleaguered the visiting Congress team & Warned to drop the Niddodi project

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Mangalore, Jul 29: Opposing the structured project of Power Plantation, Niddodi residents beleaguered the visited minister on July 29, Monday.

The Congress leader and All Indian Congress Committee (AICC) member P V Mohan, along with Congress members visited Niddodi to investigate the problems and objections of the people in the proposed ultra mega power plant planned area, but residents’ opposition made them to leave the work in middle. The verbal skirmish between congress members and villagers continued from 11 am to 3 pm and residents blocked the Grama Panchayat member’s car and caused to increase the heat of the protest.




Addressing the villagers P V Mohan said that he has visited not as a politician, rather than being a social work and  that the came  to understand the problem on behalf of Govt  to report the problems  facing the  the people.’ We came to observe & study the problem and report to union government about the situation. If peasants really  start the cultivation work in this land, then power plantation projects won’t be be coming here. In this  report actual picture will be shown, hence opinion of the people is required ’, he said.




‘We do not want any representatives to come here and report. We tired of these act, hence we won’t let the party people to enter our village’, Said Catholic meet President Valerian.


‘We are having six gramas, but no burial land. We demanded the government to provide burial land  but government didn’t respond, rather than it has provided the land  to power company. We don’t care our life and local officials haven’t done any welfare work to the village’, said local resident Ravi Poojari.



There were discussion among journalists, political members and villagers. At last P.V. Mohan decided to send the report that Niddodi location won’t suitable for Power  Plant


Congress leader Mohammad Badruddhin,  Suresh shetty,  Balakrisha Shetty,  Dennis D’ silva, Rohithashwa Rai and T.K Sudheer were present.

 By: Raj Kulal

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