Dirty water’s stinky smell in Bandipura vicinity; Deteriorating drainage system in Karkala –Town panchayat in coma….?

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Karkala, July 27:  In one hand pathetic condition of the city’s roads, vehicles are moving on pins and needles and on the other hand residents of the Bandipura are forced to live under foul smell of dirty, stagnant rainy water in the vicinity. This trend is common during every monsoon season.

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Though city is developing in horse race speed, city is lagging behind in providing proper drainage system and much needed infrastructure to the city. It seems, Town Panchayat, which is in deep slumber, might have forgotten to prepare master plan for proper infrastructure and drainage system for the city

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Due to blockage of age old manholes of drainage system in the vicinity of Bandipura,residents have to witness the daily flow of dirty water passing on the roads including nearby Ganapathi temple along with foul smell for the past 3-4 years.As a result of this even devotees who are coming to visit the temple have to face this ordeals.


Most of the leading dailies, medias have brought to the attention of Town Panchayt by highlighting the detailed report on the deteriorating condition of the infrastructure and drainage system in the city but without any fruitful result.

As the business people, Auto rickshaw drivers and devotees who are coming daily to offer prayers are finding it very uncomfortable and inconvenience and hence it has been jointly requested Town Panchayat authorities to look into the matter on priority basis and repair all the manholes to ensure free flow of drainage water during monsoon and clean environment without any stinky smell in future.

By: Krishna N Ajekar

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