Police raid cock fight: 5 arrested and four roosters seized

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Mulki, July 27: A team of Mulki police raided the venue of a cock- fighting being held illegally at Karneere,Balkunje and arrested fives accused along with Balkunje Grama Panchayat President, here on Saturday. According the sources, accused are identified as Balkunje Grama Panchayat President Prabhakara Shetty, Keshava, Thimmappa, Sandeep and Niranjan and Police seized four roosters and cash Rs 5190.

Recently villagers were complainted in the Grama Panchayat about Illegal cock-fight in the out skirt of Balkunje, Elathhur of Kilbadi Panchayt Constituency and Shimanthur and also raised the voices against carelessness of police. Hence, police were raided the spot and arrested the accused. Roosters are secured in the Mulki police station and there is chance of bidding.

By: Raj kulal

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