The real joy of rejoice for a family

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The surprising mental status of a family in Bagalkot, when they see the re appearing Parashuram Nagappa Hulyal (34) son, all of sudden, who they had burn a corpse until only ashes are left behind.

A city bus accident here claimed the life of a youth on July 14, the accident was a bad that it was difficult recognse the body. Finally police found the identity of the youth and found he was a laboror, from Soolibhavi in Hunagunda taluk, Bagalkot.













Looking the tattoo of ‘Parashappa’ on the right hand and Anjaneya left hand.  Parashuram from Soolibhave in Bagalkot had come to Udupi but was missing  therefore the family accepted the mortal remains of the youth. They took the body to Bagalkot and conducted the final rites on July 17 but on July 21, Parashuram re -appeared before the family.

It was said that on the day the accident took place, Parashuram was not in Udupi. He has gone to search for a job, as the dead youth resembled with Parashuram. Family miss understood.

On July 20, he came back to Udupi, and  surpricingly his friends accepted the truth. He told them where he had been, and on learning that his family had thought him dead, he immediately called his mother to inform that he was alive. However, none of his family members believed that it was him, and hence he visited Bagalkot on July 21 it was the real moment of rejoice.

On the other hand who was the dead youth? Here starts head ache for police to find out the dead man’s identity. Hope this time they will find the right identity

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