Compensation check to Perne gas tragedy victims.

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Bantwal: Forest and Ecology Minister B Ramanatha Rai has issued the compensatations of total Rs 43.2 lakhs to victims of Perne gas tragedy at B C road office on Sunday.

Through the revenue department, the Hindustan Petroleum Company has given the amount as insurance compensation to 14 victims’ and their family. The gas tragedy was occurred on April 9th, where 11 people were died, which was major disaster in the history.

The victims of gas tragedy were gained the compensation check, where Sundara Rai got 7.43 lakh, Shankar Rai, 2.83 lakh, Died Khatijama’s children got 3.93 lakh, Khatijamma Kom Ismail Haaji, 7.17 lakh, Narayana Naika, 4.10 lakh, Batya Naika, 1.23 lakh, Ismail Shafi, 4.04 lakh,Ummar, 3.02 lakh, Abbas 0. 88 lakh, Ummappa Poojary 3.58 lakh, G. Ummar 1.24 lakh, Chandrashekara 0.90 lakh, Abdulla 2.60 lakh, Yusuf, 0.29 lakh.

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