Under the train may not be the permanent solution; reaching main road is a nightmare for Kandevu residents; an early solution is sought

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Mangalore, July 21: Short-cuts for the residents of Kandevu to reach the other side, common practice is either to walk or residents have to cross past or even a under stopped goods train to reach the road. Sometimes, it is really a tough thing to do as there are two trains parked.


It is a daily struggle for these residents to reach the main road. Each time, they have to cross past, or even, under, a halted goods train to reach the road. Sometimes, it is really a tough thing to do as there are two trains parked.


It is for the residents of at least a hundred of houses, it has become a part and parcel of their life to cross under the parked goods train to reach other side and situation is tough there. The youth might be able to manage as they are young enough but for school children, patients and elderly citizens find it difficult to cross under the parked train even for one day. This problem started the day after Padil railway crossing junctions was set up here.


Sharing his problems, Manoj, a local, says that he has lived in the area since birth – for nearly 32 years.
“This is a major problem, not a recent one but dating back to almost 45 years ago. Leaders such as Veerappa Moily, Oscar Fernandez, Krishna Palemar, Yogish Bhat and others have visited this place and promised us a solution, but to no avail,” he said.

“We have even brought this issue to the notice of the railway masters and officials, but even they seem helpless about our problem. A foot over bridge would be a better solution to our problems, but at least on a temporary basis, dividing train compartments at a particular point, so as to allow us to pass through freely would be a good idea,” he added.

Another resident, Sabitha, said that she has been in the locality for nearly seven years. “A goods train will be parked here almost daily, sometimes even two trains. All the residents here have to reach the main road by passing under the train. Children, sick people, senior citizens, and especially pregnant women face a lot of problem due to this. Last week, a man in the neighborhood was suffering from some illness and he was unable to walk. He had to be admitted to a hospital immediately and we had to face a tough time getting him to the road from under the train,” she added.

“Getting our day-to-day needs like groceries is also an uphill task. Many leaders have visited the spot earlier, but we hope that the recent visit by MLA J R Lobo will surely get this problem solved,” she said.

“A temporary solution for the problem can be either parking the train a bit ahead or backward, or leaving a gap between goods compartments at a particular point. Movement of trains is not a problem, but the problem is due to the parking of trains daily. Foot over bridge appears to be the best solution. School children suffer a lot having to carry their heavy school bags, tiffin bags, umbrellas, and so on. Emergency situations are also something that we can’t cope up with,” she said sharing her pain.

JR Lobo, MLA promised that he will contact union minister Oscar Fernandez and Veerappa Moily and with their co-operation, discuss the issue with central railway minister and a meeting will also be held with Palakkad division officials. Efforts will be made to construct an over bridge at the spot,” he said.

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