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Traditional ‘Tapta Mudradharane’ celebrated with devotion at Sri Krishna Math

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Udupi, July 19 : Thousands of devotees drove to Sri Krishna Math for ‘Tapta Mudradharane’, a Madhwa tradition and religious ceremony on Friday.

Sri Vishwavallabhatirtha Swamiji of Paryaya Sode Vadhiraja Math,  Shirooru laxmivara Thirtha Swami and Vidhya Sagar swamiji of Krishnapura Mutt did ‘Tapta Mudradharane’ to the devotees.


Tapta Mudradharane is the process of heating metal, of ‘Shankha’ and ‘Chakra’ in Sudarshana Homa and marking the ‘Mudra’ on the body of the devotees. As per tradition the Tapta Mudradharane is to be performed at least once in a year without age bar.



The ritual is practiced in the rainy season. The ‘Shankha’ and ‘Chakra’ are the weapons of God Vishnu, symbolizing that these mudras are weapons or shields that help one fight diseases.

It has the power to prevent many diseases caused by the germs and prevention against diseases, especially related to rainy season. It strengthens the immune system by protecting one from diseases.”


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