Conductors – Passengers ‘irritants’ – What are the solutions ?

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Udupi, July 19:  One of a crucial issue faced by passengers in the bus here is, getting change back after paying for tickets. The great deal of fight happens between conductor and passenger for change.

Up to a certain limit the RFID (radio frequency information determination) cards will help to get rid of the change issue. But it will be only for the regular customers; rest of the passengers willhave the problems further. We do have plans to place a coin counter in the bus stand to solve this issue.

Conductors in most of the buses usually do not issue tickets to the passengers, besides they start shouting at the passengers if they do not provide sufficient change for the ticket.

One of the member of the Bus owners association said that we always ask passenger to request for the tickets but they don’t feel the importance of it. City bus at Udupi will compulsorily have ticketing machines by the first week of August. They once again appealed to the passengers to demand for the ticket.

To provide training on good behavior to the conductors every year  Rs.15,000 invested. but it’s of no use, few defiantly learn from that but not all.

Henceforth contact numbers will be mentioned in the tickets and commuters can call the number and lodge the complaint, if any. It will help us to take actions against the conductors and drivers.

On the other hand the contribution of Express bus to make the passengers life difficult with ear bursting horns and high speed driving. Bus owners feel that it is necessary because provided timing to them.  Futher harsh horns will not be used within the city limits.

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