Unscientific garbage disposal annoys pachanady residents; takes MCC officials to task

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Mangalore, July 18: It has been reported on July 17,Wednesday evening that a minor chaos and unpleasant atmosphere was created outside MCC building by the residents of Pachanady over the unscientific and careless manner in which garbage was being disposed at Pachanady dump yard.

According to the residents of the Pachanady, MCC had turned a deaf ear to their repeated appeal to ensure scientific disposal of waste. Besides they also alleged that the meat waste were thrown open in the area instead of burying them, making the area a heaven for stray dogs to make it dirty by picking the meat wastes and then discard them in the locality. They also said that they now fear spread of fatal diseases due to the filthy and unclean surroundings.

Sources said that residents in fact seized a garbage truck of MCC and had brought it before the MCC office with a plan to dump the garbage right in front of the office but their attempts have been thwarted by the timely intervention of Barke police.

 Photo by: Driti

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