A woman threw acid on a man over an insignificant issue in Medlagundi,

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Udupi/ Batkal, June 17: a woman threw acid on a man over an insignificant issue in Medlagundi, Golikumbri in Uttarakoppa village of Bhatkal taluk. The victim with severe injuries on chest and stomach is undergoing treatment in a private hospital in Manipal.

It is one of the rarest incident, It was known that, the issue was regarding land dispute between Benni Joseph a coolie worker and his neighbor Jessy Canical. Jessy to threw acid on Benni

Jessy has a shop and it is said that few months ago Benni’s dog had entered her shop and ate eggs meant for sale. Angered by this, Jessy poisoned the dog and put the corpse in Benni’s compound following which there was a quarrel between Benni’s wife and Jessy. Jessy even warned Benni’s wife not to walk inside her compound. Both the families shared the same pathway.

Jessy hid behind a cashew tree near her residence on Monday at around 8 pm. With the support Jevin, a resident of Uttarakoppa village Jessy caught hold of Benni and fling the acid into Benni’s mouth critically injuring him on his face, neck and stomach. Benni also sustained injuries on his eyes and fell down and cried for help.

On hearing the cry for help, Benni’s wife and others rushed  and Benny was taken to a hospital in Murudeshwar. As the victim was severely injured, he was taken to Kundapur and finally to
Manipal hospital. Murudeshwar police visited the victim on Wednesday and recorded statements from him.

A case is registered in Murudeshwar police station.

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