Shankar Shetty inaugurates the National Consumer Human Rights Centre.

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Mangalore, July 15: Shankar Shetty, National President of National Consumer Human Rights Centre (NCHRC), inaugurated the NCHRC Dakshina Kannada District Centre, on Monday, July 15, 2013 at 10:30 am in the Hotel Woodlands, Mangalore.


Addressing the gathering after the inauguration, Shankar Shetty said that the National Human rights Association has been fighting against the general human rights, nearly from 1947. The whole of our general administration and police control system is not perfect and fine. lots of people in the society are facing major problems and atrocities, due to the impact of these corrupt systems.


“Samruddhi Jeevan”, a new agenda, has been initiated and the memorandum with this regards, has been sent to Central minister, Chidambaram, and we are waiting for their reply, he added.


On his lecture on Consumer Human rights, Prof Narendra Nayak said that both the Human Rights and Consumer Rights are the same. We see lots of atrocities and violation of Human rights in various aspects, but we need to question ourselves, as to why we are quite and dumb.


We always feel that the authorities are superior, hence we don’t go to question them, there is a need to change this mental thought, with regards to the human and consumer rights and if we failed to do so, atrocities and violation do human and consumer rights will never end. We must get together, get united and fight against the violations, as a team, he said.


Prof Narendra Nayak, Marlin Marties and K S Mohan Suvarna, were the chief guests present of the dais.

The event was presided over by U Padmanabha Shetty Niddodi. Dayanand K Shetty, Jayalakshmi S Hegde and Harish Kumar Shetty were also present.

Pics By : Driti.

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