CPI (M) to stage protest against Petrol price hike by central Govt and poor state budget

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Udupi; The State Committee of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) staged protest against the ruling government for hiking the petrol prices by (Central governments) and substandard Budget by (State government) at the service bus stand on Monday.

The oil marketing firms had hiked the price by Rs.1.82 per litre, excluding taxes. Now Rs. 7.50 will be additional increase. Once the Petrol Price increase, automatically price for basic commodities will also increase.

Welcoming foreign investors was the measure by Congress, they have been attracted by other nations and they withdraw their investment, which leads reducing value of money.


Before it use to be Rs.40 per $ now it is Rs.60 per $. This recession is been directly put on the head of the common people we oppose it.

The Rs.1 for 1kg rice is the strategy of  Congress government had to attract the public for the upcoming election.

There are rumors that Shiddaramayya will be CM only up to next election. After which the CM will be changed.

Sales Tax and VAT will be taken further this same percentage is directly proved that congress and BJP are the two sides of same coin.

Dogu Suvarna, Balakrishna Shetty, KL Laxman ans Raju Poojari and others were present.

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