Dispute over loudspeaker in Pacchanady resort – Alleged group attack on a man.

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Mangaluru, December 21: A person who expressed opposition over the loud sound made by loud speaker installed in a resort in Pacchanady has been reportedly attacked by group on Sunday, December 21st.

A function was going on late night of about 1am, in a resort situated in two acres of land in Pacchanady. As the mica used in the program was pitched to high volume; it had caused disturbance to the local residents.

Local resident Navaneeth went to the place where the program was taking place and requested the mica operator to reduce the volume. Dheeraj Castelino, his brother Anuj Castelino, Melwin Castelino from Urva Store who grew angry, abused Navaneeth and assaulted, it is said.

In addition, they also damaged the bike which Navaneeth had parked outside the function venue, alleged Navaneeth.

A complaint regarding this has been registered at the Mangaluru Rural police station.

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