Girl tortured by aunt for years, rescued by Human Rights organization.

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Udupi, December 10: A girl who stayed with her aunt in Gandhinagar, Salikeri in Baikady of Brahmavara was badly tortured for years. The workers of Human Rights organization along with the Bramhavar police raided the house on Tuesday afternoon and rescued the girl who was being tortured. With the co-operation of the locals, the girl has been brought out from the misery.

Girija (50), a resident of Gandhinagar colony in Baikady coming under Harady gram panchayat limits in Bramhavar; has treated the girl in inhumane manner and has drawn the fury of the public’s.

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The girl Suguna(Name Changed) lost her parents five years ago. She was then studying in 7th standard. Since then she began to live with her aunt. Her aunt in the beginning took care of her well and admitted the girl to a school. But when the girl was studying in 9th standard, the aunt began to torment her, and when the girl questioned on this, she was tortured very much. Later on the aunt continued to torture the girl and was not allowing the girl to speak to others. The girl was made to sleep in a small place on a torn mat and used to spend the entire night in fear, the girl said.

This year, the girl joined first PUC in a women’s college in Udupi. On Monday, Girija began to quarrel over a petty issue and had beaten up the girl and sprayed chilli powder into her eyes. When a big fight over this issue took place, the neighbours had observed it. A friend of the girl informed the matter to the Human Rights organization. The girl informed about the torment she faced at her aunt’s house to the activists of Human Rights organization through the window.

Human Rights organization president Prashanth, Advocate Arun Kundar Kalgadde, Prabakar and other activists went to Bramhavar police station and informed the matter to the police, took their permission and raided the house of Girija along with the police and gathered all the information from the girl and rescued her.

The girl was brought from Baikady and was subjected to medical check up at government hospital in Bramhavar. The activists of Human Rights organization and the local youths instilled courage in the girl who was frightened by the incident.

It is learnt that till the girl attains 18 years of age, her education and other facilities responsibility would be taken by the Om Shree Srusti Dhama in Bramhavar. We intend to give a good future to the girl, said Prashanth PRS and Arun Kunder Kalgadde of Human Rights organization.

The girl said, every day I was beaten up. I was not allowed to visit my friend’s house. I was not allowed to speak to my grandmother who earns a living by working as a house maid in Mangaluru area. Now they say that, if you speak much you will be married in six months. I sleep in a place behind the house where the firewood is stored. I do not like to stay here and I am being tortured, said the girl in despair.

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