Measures for the convenience of senior citizens & RTO identifies land for automated driving track

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RTO identifies land for automated driving track

MANGALORE: The regional transport office (RTO), Mangalore has identified 10 acres of land to develop an automated driving track, said C Mallikarjuna, the regional transport officer at the Transport Adalat here on Wednesday. He was replying to social activist Gerard Towers’ complaint who said RTO’s driving track at Vamanjoor was in a very bad shape.

G V Subrahmanya, assistant commissioner of police (traffic), who was also present at the adalat said soon the area near the Jyothi Circle, Lady Goschen Hospital and Wenlock Hospital will be converted into a no horn zone.

On malfunctioning of traffic signal lights in different parts of the city, Subrahmanya said, the Mangalore City Corporation has granted five new signal lights. “Soon they will be in Bendoorwell and in four other parts of the city,” he added.

Judith Mascarenhas, former deputy mayor of Mangalore City Corporation (MCC), said at the adalat that in many buses, men are occupying seats reserved for senior citizens and women. “The Senior Citizen Association should to conduct awareness programmes for youths about this issue. RTO will support them,” he added.

Mallikarjuna added that said plans are afoot to set up a multi-level parking facility in the city. On poor quality of photographs of people taken in RTO for its use in smart cards, he said the department has sent a proposal to the government seeking for high resolution cameras.

During the Adalat, many people expressed their grievances against RTO for not taking action against buses, which carries commuters more than its seating capacity. Mallikarjuna said RTO will take action against buses, which are over crowded.

Earlier news

Mangalore, July 11: Addressing the transport adalat held at RTO office in Mangalore on July 10 Wednesday, Mallikarjuna regional transport officer said in his address that senior citizen must be respected and if some passengers sit on the seats reserved for senior citizens, must be asked to vacate the  seat to pave the way for senior citizens, he added.

Commenting on the suggestion of Hasanabba, who suggested allowing public to move freely on both the footpaths of either sides of the road by keeping it open without any hindrance, RTO official said that suggestion will be taken into consideration and issue will be mitigated, he added.


With regard to the passengers are being dropped in the mid of road without going to the designated bus stands,Mallikarjuna assured that action will be taken against erring bus owners.

 Responding to Hanumanth Klamath’s complaint about the nuisance of Mangalore-Bangalore private buses movements on complete road after 8.00 pm between PVS circle and Bunts hostel and thereby causing inconvenience for other vehicle owners,Subramanya,AJP promised that after examining the stuation,mobile police force will be deployed.

With regard to the buses plying on Thokottu junction route, during night time buses are not going to the bus stand, instead it goes directly without picking up the passengers waiting at bus stand, thereby putting them in hardship, RTO assured that action will be taken against those buses.

After hearing all the grievances and complaints with regard to the problems faced by the public, Mallikarjun, RTO official promised that all the problems faced by the public will be addressed soon.

Flight tickets not issued……but flight journey can be experienced

Ashok Bhat, one of the passengers traveling on Mangalore-Udipi express bus shares his experience.

In order to reach Kulur from Mangalore service bus stand, it will take minimum 25 minutes and from Kulur onwards until Udipi express buses are plying at flight’s speed. They will not issue flight ticket but flight journey can be experienced by passengers, he taunted.

Answering the Ashok Bhat’s experience Mallikarjun said that bus has to move slowly due to heavy traffic at Kulur and department is contemplating to extend the time by 5 minutes. But this suggestion was opposed by some people, instead they suggested reducing the time by 10 minutes.

Widened Road becomes Parking place for vehicles:

 Hanumantha Kamath, Nagarika Hitha Rakshana Samithi said that for the smooth movements of the vehicles, at the time of widening and concretization of city’s main roads, land on both sides of the roads have been acquired for the purpose by the authorities. But with this widening there is not much benefits for the movement of the vehicles instead widened place has become a parking place for the vehicles, he rued.

While replying to query posed by media reporters about the complaint that the signal lights were not operating scientifically in Mangalore,Subramanya,traffic ACP said that the  MCC had given green signal for the installation of signals at five places and added that the process of installation has been delayed as the earlier tender process has been cancelled.

RTO further said in reply to the question of DYFI district president Muneer Katipalla with regard to the fact that oil tankers are not adhering the rules that there should be two drivers and a cleaner in each tanker, presently 60 to 70 % of tankers are having two drivers and added that some oil companies which are facing shortage of drivers too have assured to appoint adequate drivers and assured action will be taken against erring tankers.

He also suggested putting a brake on blaring horn sounds by almost private as well as city buses.

Judith Mascarehnaz, former vice Mayor, Ismail, former President of Someshwara Gram Panchayat, Ivan Pais, Narayan Bantwal and Rosy and among others spoke on the occasion.

Choodamani of Citizens’ Committee, BS Hasanabba and several others raised certain pressing issues at the meeting.

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