Trees of nearby plantation are the real saviors of bus Passengers

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Bantwal/Mangalore, July 08: The passengers of the bus had to thank God for saving them from the heavy casualties. It was said that on July 7 Sunday, a Mangalore bound private bus from Vittal in a bid to give side and avoid a collision with Mahindra Bolero vehicle, which was coming from the opposite direction, driver of the bus which was passing through Kudu mutt in Kolnadu village, suddenly swerved towards the right side of the road. As a result its tyres got stuck in deep potholes of the road with soft mud. The bus dangerously leaned on to it’s in the process.

But to the utter dismay of the passengers trees of the roadside plantation gave support to the bus after the vehicle leaned on it, otherwise result would have been much worst and eyewitnesses said that the bus and the passengers would have rolled onto the plantation, if the trees had not supported the bus.

Traffic on Vitttal-Salethur road disrupted for some time as a result of this incident.

Police team lead by Madhava Koodlu, from Vittal police station arrived to the spot and took measures to ensure the quick restoration of traffic.

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