Poojary bats strongly for Food Security Bill

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MANGALORE: Former union minister Janardhan Poojary said if the BJP and opposition parties do not allow the Union government to pass Food Security Bill in the Parliament within six months, he will resort to fast unto death.

Talking to the reporters, he said the government has been trying for the past two years to pass the bill which will provide highly subsidized food to about two-thirds of India’s population. “However, the noble move of the Congress has been criticized by BJP and opposition parties as a gimmick prior to the next Lok Sabha elections. Yes, we are doing good work and people will vote (for) us,” he added.

He said, “We had incorporated all the aspects of the bill in our manifesto for the 2009 general elections. The BJP is not concerned about the poor people. We want to introduce this bill to provide nutritious food to everyone. If people are healthy, the country will be stronger.”

When asked about the direction given by chief minister Siddaramaiah to ministers not to take part in felicitation programmes, he said, “People are dying in Uttarakhand, I will ask the CM to issue a circular to MLAs and ministers not to take part in felicitation programmes.”

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