Police along with technology, must develop smartness: SP Dr S D Sharanappa

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Mangaluru, October 12: Medico-Legal workshop for the police officers was inaugurated at the KMC medical college here on Sunday, October 11th. The programme was organized under the joint aegis of KMC Medical College, Manipal University, and the Police Department.

District Superintendent of Police Dr S D Sharanappa inaugurated the event and said, day by day as there is a rapid growth in the technology and the plans are changing in various angles, the police must develop smartness in cracking the case.

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In forensic field, many kinds of researches have taken place. The police department is adopting new technologies. The policemen must gather knowledge about such matters. Preference is given to organize the conference for police with the forensic experts in order to develop professionalism among the policemen, he said.

KMC dean Dr M Venkatraya Prabhu said, the method of subjecting the culprits to punishment is like a vehicle with four wheels. Police, Doctors, Lawyers and Judiciary are the wheels. Media is like an additional wheel. In case any wheel fails to work properrly, the media must do the task of alerting it. By this the culprits will be brought under suitable law, he said.

In the country, percentage of crime getting proved is less than 15 percent. Reason for this is lack of basic facilities, shortage of staffs and FSL laboratories. As there is shortage of staffs, the workload on police is increasing. The shortcoming in the department has to be corrected. The police have to implement the researches taking place in the field of forensic science. By this, the work pressure will reduce and quality investigations will take place, he said.

Vice-chancellor of Manipal University Dr V Surendra Shetty said, ‘Medico-Leagal’ workshops will make the police to think smart.

Dr B Suresh Kumar Shetty of KMC welcomed the gathering while Dr Jagadish Rao thanked.

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