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    Auto, Rape spot, sketches have changed. A Kannada Channel had program on westernized culture that outstation students have brought to Manipal and cited that the rape is a result of such culture. The rape could well be a planned incident by Bajrang Dal to sensationalize, instill fear and get support for moral policing in Manipal. The accused Bajrangi activists could have had orders from above. The girl has probably given the right description for the sketches of 3 men who raped her for 3 hours. She also gave clues on the Ganesha idol and dent in the auto, despite the ‘trauma’. She could not have planned such lies on the 1st day. Then she went mum, after her parents arrived perhaps due to threats. They had attempted to kill her but ‘spared’ her life.

    There is no history of Auto drivers raping in Manipal. Such a heinous crime – abducting from a college gate raping and dropping her back (with threats) – need more courage. The men attempted suicide to escape interrogation & revealing more. Why did Municipal councilor Sukesh betray his ‘trust worthy’ friend Yogish knowing that he could be imprisoned for life. For 5 lakhs or out of social conscience? He then convinced Yogesh that its ‘all over’. Yogesh then went back to his house and called the IGP directly before consuming poison. He effectively surrendered.

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