Panambur police cracks Rashid murder case; apprehend wife, paramour

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Mangalore, June 28: Panambur police, who have been investigating suspicious Rashid’s death case, finally could succeed in cracking the case by arresting his wife, Saleem and Naseema’s paramour Imran on June 27, Thursday.

Sources said that Naseema, aged 36, wife of the deceased and Saleem, aged 38, Naseema’s younger sister’s husband had hired professional killer to eliminate Rashid, who was coming in the way of Naseema’s extra-marital relationship with Imran. Police also in look out for two other accused namely Abdulla alias Kalia, a notorious criminal from Manjeshwar and one Mukri Siddique.

Investigation revealed that Naseema and Saleem hatched a conspiracy to eliminate Rashid by hiring Kalia, a professional killer for rupees one lakh and police said that on the night of June 20

 Naseema had mixed sleeping pills in Rashid’s food, making the task of the killers easy. After eliminating Rashid by hitting his head with an iron rod at around 1.30 am, they reportedly threw the body in Gurupur River.

Meanwhile, police investigating into the case, grew suspicious as there were marks of injury on Rashid’s body. The SI -Bharathi took Naseema and three others to custody and during interrogation, the truth came out. Finger prints also found blood stains in the cotton fill of the bed at home and Naseema took lot of pain to clean up the entire house, sources said.

It is also learnt, Rashid who used to pick up frequent quarrel with his wife over her alleged affair, had even planned to take her for an Umrah pilgrimage and had arranged for passport and air tickets. But destiny proved otherwise as Rashid has been eliminated by his wife only even before going to Umrah.

The investigation were held under the guidance of Mangalore police commissioner Manish Kharbikar, DCPs Mutturaya and D Dharmaiah


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