Mulky to be included in the MCC limits

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Mangalore, June 27: Sources said that the Mulky Panchayat at its meeting headed by Shashikanth Shetty, unanimously decided to merge Mulky in the MCC limits as it would help to avail government schemes.

 The members criticized the mescom for the unpredictable power cut in Mulky and surrounding areas. Besides residents of K S Road alleged that Town Panchayat, for illegal usage of the Town Panchayat water supply to their tenants. President Shashikanth Shetty directed the engineers to legalize the illegal connections.

Vimala Poojary, member said that due to lack of proper facilities for the smooth flow of rain water on the road, vehicle owners and pedestrians facing inconvenience.

 President also said that Town Panchayat needs to have a full –fledged building and building might cost around Rs 50 lacs plus.

 The meeting has also discussed in length about repair of community hall, measures to check outbreak of epidemic diseases like malaria, dengue and its prevention in town panchayat limits.

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